Photos & Roundup: October 16 – Royal Tour Pakistan – Day 3

CLIMATE CHANGE: Day three of The Duke and Duchess’s tour of Pakistan focused on climate change and global warming and the effects that they are having on Northern Pakistan.

The Duke and Duchess started their day by visiting the mountains of Northern Pakistan, at a glacier in Broghil National Park. The Duke and Duchess walked around the northern tip of the glacier, and saw how it has retreated in recent years as a result of global warming.

Later, they visited isolated communities in the center of Chitral which have suffered from severe flash flooding in recent years as a result of the glaciers melting. William and Catherine saw buildings and farmland destroyed in the severe floods of 2015 and talked to locals who have been affected.

The Duke and Duchess also saw drills conducted by volunteers from the local Emergency Response and Search & Rescue teams, which through community education and early warning work, were instrumental in preventing loss of life in 2015.

KALESH VILLIAGE: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a settlement of the Kalash people in Northern Pakistan to learn more about the Kalash Community and their unique heritage and traditions.

The Duke and Duchess joined children and young people from the tribe in the village square to hear how the Kalesh coexist alongside the other communities that call the region home.

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