2023 | 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards

2023 | 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards

FROM THE WEBSITE: From its foundation in 1685 to the present day, the Queen’s Dragoon Guards has specialised in reconnaissance: the art of seeking out the enemy and understanding how they operate.

Originally a horseback regiment, these days the Queen’s Dragoon Guards uses Jackal 2 high mobility vehicles to get around, although they’re also just as effective on foot. This versatility makes them highly employable on operations and quick to adapt to new environments.

Soldiers and officers in the Queen’s Dragoon Guards are also excellent communicators, since part of their role includes training foreign military personnel.


— Catherine, Princess of Wales was appointed Colonel-in-Chief by King Charles in August 2023.


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November 08, 2023 – Visiting The Queen’s Dragoon Guards Regiment – The Princess of Wales visited the 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards (QDG) as their new Colonel-in-Chief. It was her first visit to the regiment since receiving the honorary title from His Majesty The King in August of 2023. The visit occurred at Robertson Barracks, Swanton Morley, where The Princess was allowed to drive a Jackal reconnaissance vehicle. This vehicle is the regiment’s primary vehicle for patrolling enemy terrain for hundreds of kilometers before conducting reconnaissance on foot. Catherine was also shown the reconnaissance drones used by the regiment to provide intelligence from deep into enemy territory.

The Princess of Wales also met soldiers and their families during her visit. She presented six Long Service and Good Conduct medals to soldiers who have served for 15 years with exemplary conduct. The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Kierstead, briefed her on the regiment’s forthcoming training and operational commitments.

The day ended with a special promotion ceremony where the Regimental Mascot, Lance Corporal Emrys Forlan Jones, was presented with his Corporal stripes by Her Royal Highness. This was in recognition of the Welsh mountain pony’s performance on parade at numerous events across the UK.