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Catherine-Middleton.Com is an unofficial non-profit fansite. We are not Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, nor are we associated with her or her people (ie. relatives, management, etc). This is simply a fansite run by fans, for fans. If you wish to take anything from the site, please ask first and give credit. All pictures and media are copyright © to their respectful owners, and Catherine-Middleton.Com does not claim ownership of them in any way. No copyright infringement is intended. If you want to see pictures on this website removed, please specify which ones and allow reasonable time to remove these before taking any further action. If you are a copyright holder and wish credits on your images or articles, this can gladly be added. All pictures are for visitors’ personal use only.

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Catherine-Middleton.Com is mostly a gossip free site. This means that no gossip related news of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will be posted on this site. This site will focus solely on Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and any charity work she shall embark on including any overseas tours. Any gossip related or tabloid stories will not be posted unless it’s a statement that has been issued by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge herself or Kensington Palace. Any news or photos that I as an owner of the site find inappropriate or disrespectful to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will not be posted. We are proud to be a gossip free site and we hope that all of you will continue to support this decision.

UPDATE: As of July 2016, by the request of the majority of visitors to the site paparazzi photos will continue be posted onto the site, we still exercise the right to not post any photos that we deem inappropriate or disrespectful. Photos of Their Royal Highnesses, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte will not be posted at the personal requests of Kensington Palace in August 2015 which you can read here. Photos of the young royals will be posted if they are out in public with their parents or making an appearance at any royal engagments.

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DISCLAIMER: Any messages sent via this form DO NOT go to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge or Kensington Palace. This website is owned and maintained by a fan and I have no personal connection to Catherine Middleton and cannot pass along any messages. If you have any questions, comments, or donations pertaining to this site your message will be handled accordingly.

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  1. Hello,

    thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart for updating your website . I am a loyal fan of the Duchess of Cambridge and your website is the only one that follows her life and events on a regular basis. I lpve all your pictures so much. Thanks for making the effort , taking time , and bringing Catherine fans this wonderful gift of covering her schedule in phenomenal photos . It’s deeply appreciated.

  2. Thank you , for taking the time and effort to update the Duchess Catherine website. It’s always very much appreciated . The Duchess is my favorite royal of all time .

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