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Week In Review: October 29, 2023 – November 04, 2023

The Princess of Wales had two public engagements this week. They are highlighted below.

On November 01, 2023, The Princess of Wales joined a meeting of ‘Dadvengers,’ a community for Dads and their children in Arnos Grove, London, to highlight the important role that Dads play in their children’s earliest years. Her Royal Highness joined the Arnos Grove Dadvengers group at the Arnos Arms where she met a group of dads and spoke to them about the important role they play in a child’s development, and then joined the group on a ‘Dad Walk’ to the local park and heard about the support they give to one another through the Dadvengers network, helping them to look after their own well-being as well as supporting their families.

On November 02, 2023, the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay had a series of engagements in Scotland, where they met with organizations that support rural communities and work with young people to improve their mental health through better access to the outdoors and practical learning opportunities. Their first stop was at Burghead Primary School, where they visited Outfit Moray. The charity is aimed at making a positive impact on the lives of young people aged between eight and eighteen who are vulnerable or disadvantaged by actively promoting their potential through accessible and affordable outdoor learning and adventure activities. Outfit Moray runs a wide range of activities that aim to build confidence, self-esteem, and resilience, including mountain biking, paddle sports, and rock climbing, among others. The Duke and Duchess spent time with the team, learning about the outdoor activities and even participated in a mountain bike session.

The second engagement of the couple was at Brodieshill Farm, where they learned about efforts being made to support the mental health and well-being of young people. The farm is family-run and is home to the Lower Speyside Young Farmers and Farmstrong Scotland, both of which promote positive mental well-being in rural communities across Scotland and support local farmers. During their visit, the Duke and Duchess met families who attend regular sessions at the farm’s dedicated play area designed for children to explore and learn. The indoor and outdoor space is utilized by families and those based at the nearby RAF Kinloss and RAF Lossiemouth, where parents can regularly reconnect with their children.

The Duke and Duchess also went to DAY1, a charity based in the Highlands that provides mentoring, training, personal development, and employability services to vulnerable young people. The charity aims to equip the youth with the social and emotional skills needed to succeed through its mentoring and personal development programs. DAY1 owns Inverness Kart Raceway, which serves as the location for its apprenticeship scheme in Automotive Skills. The royal couple toured the site and met with young people involved in some programs. They also visited two automotive workshops where young people were being taught mechanical skills and watched a group of young people take part in a race on the track.


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Week In Review: October 08, 2023 – October 14, 2023

The Prince and Princess of Wales took a train trip to Birmingham on October 10, 2023, to commemorate World Mental Health Day. They chose Birmingham, which has the youngest demographic of any city in the UK, for the occasion. Their focus was on understanding emotions and building positive relationships among young people. To this end, they hosted a summit for 100 young people called “Exploring our Emotional Worlds.”

During the summit, the Prince and Princess of Wales joined young people as they participated in a series of workshops run by The Mix and National Citizen Service. The workshops were focused on emotions, relationships, and community action.

The Princess of Wales wore a pair of gold-plated star-shaped earrings gifted to her by Sarah Renton, a Maidenhead Rugby Club coach whom she met in June. The earrings were designed by Phipps’ cousin and owner of EarSass, Sophie McGown, and were named “Issy Star.” in honor of Sarah’s daughter — Isobelle Phipps, 17 — who died by suicide earlier this year. The proceeds from the jewelry purchase are donated to the mental health charity Brave Minds.

Help the Princess of Wales support Brave Minds by purchasing your earrings here.

On October 11, 2023, The Princess of Wales visited Nottingham Trent University to learn about the mental health support provided to students at the beginning of the new academic year. She had the opportunity to meet with students and colleagues who help students with their mental health at a Freshers Fayre-style exhibition, followed by participating in well-being sessions. During the sessions, The Princess discussed with three students about peer-to-peer mentoring, which is a way of supporting each other at the University. She also participated in the ‘step in circle,’ part of the University’s “Welcome Workshop,” which encourages students to share experiences to help them build confidence, proactively manage their well-being, and raise awareness of the wide range of available support networks.

Moreover, The Princess learned about how Nottingham University uses data derived from student behavior to identify those who may not be thriving. They use a dashboard to manage student engagement in courses, and when a student stops engaging, it can indicate issues with their mental well-being. The University reaches out to such students to learn about their disengagement and help them find appropriate support. The information is also given to the student to help them manage their learning and is used for personalized support and tutorial discussions with staff.

On October 12, 2023, The Prince and Princess of Wales attended a mental fitness workshop at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre. The workshop was organized by SportsAid, a charity supported by The Princess since 2013. The workshop was held in collaboration with BelievePerform. It helps young people and their families manage their mental well-being and build the skills needed for a happy and healthy life. During the visit, The Prince and Princess participated in sessions with young athletes and parents to see the support provided by SportsAid in building mental fitness. In the sessions, they also joined SportsAid ambassadors, including Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds and netball player Ama Agbeze. The couple also took part in two practical sessions with young athletes to build mental resilience, including playing a game of goalball, a visually impaired Paralympic sport.


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