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Week In Review: December 03, 2023 – December 09, 2023

The Princess of Wales had two public engagements this week. They are highlighted below.

On December 05, 2023, The Princess of Wales officially opened the Children’s Day Surgery Unit at Evelina London Children’s Hospital. The state-of-the-art facility is designed to provide seamless patient care, and it helps the hospital treat an additional 2,300 children annually. The space-themed unit features two operating theaters and was inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by staff, patients, and their families. Young patients like Ella Moth and Chloe Morley were also involved in the opening ceremony, with Chloe being the first to receive treatment there. The Princess of Wales also participated in an arts and crafts session with children and young people treated at the unit.

Later in the evening, The Prince and Princess of Wales joined King Charles and Queen Camilla for The Diplomatic Reception. The Diplomatic Reception, which takes place annually, sees The King and Queen and other members of the Royal Family welcome over 500 members of the Diplomatic Corps in the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace. The invitation list is coordinated by the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps and invitations are sent to all the ambassadors and high commissioners at the foreign missions in London, as well as past Prime Ministers, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and other public figures.

On December 08, 2023, individuals were nominated in recognition of their outstanding work in caring for children, young people and families. The service was attended by inspiring individuals and families from all corners of the UK, including midwives, health visitors, early years practitioners, nursery teachers, community volunteers, and members of The Royal Family. The evening was filled with beautiful carols, musical performances, and poignant readings, making it an extraordinary and festive occasion. The service airs on Christmas Eve as part of a special program on ITV1 and ITVX.


– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > December 05 | Evelina London’s New Children’s Day Surgery Unit
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > December 05 | King Charles III Host Diplomatic Reception
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > December 08 | “Together At Christmas” Carol Service

Week In Review: November 19, 2023 – November 25, 2023

The Princess of Wales had three public engagements this week. They are highlighted below.

On November 21, 2023, The Princess of Wales stunned during the State Visit Of The South Korean President. The Prince and Princess of Wales started out their day by greeting the President of the Republic of Korea,Yoon Suk Yeol and the First Lady, at their hotel, on behalf of The King. Their Royal Highnesses then travelled with The President and the First Lady to Horse Guards Parade, where The President and the First Lady will received a Ceremonial Welcome. The pomp and circumstance included a royal salute and the Republic of Korea’s national anthem was played, The President, accompanied His Majesty, inspected the guard of honour, by F Company Scots Guards. From there, the President and First Lady joined senior royals in a carriage procession along The Mall to Buckingham Palace, where they were met by a second guard of honour by 1st Battalion Welsh Guards. Prince William serves as Royal Colonel of the Welsh Guards. The Prince and Princess joined the King and Queen for a private luncheon at Buckingham Palace where the President and First Lady were shown pieces from the Royal Collection with connections to the Republic of Korea.

Continuing with the festivities on the evening of November 21, 2023, The Princess of Wales attended a State Banquet for the South Korean President, His Excellency Yoon Suk Yeol, and his wife, Mrs Kim Keon Hee. The Princess debuted a new tiara, the Strathmore Rose tiara, which Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, the Queen Mother, previously owned. The tiara, a gift from Lord Strathmore to his daughter for her wedding in 1923, features a garland of roses mounted in silver and gold. The Princess also wore a custom Jenny Packham gown.

On November 24, 2023, The Princess of Wales visited Sebby’s Corner in Barnet to kickstart an initiative from The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. The initiative aims to support families with young children in the run-up to Christmas. During her visit, The Princess learned about the crucial work baby banks do across the UK to get essential items to families in need. Baby banks provide a vital lifeline for families in all sorts of challenging circumstances, including those facing financial pressures. The Princess also met a mother who received support from the charity and the referral partner who made the referral. Families get referred by an extensive network of referral partners, which includes professionals such as midwives, health visitors, and teachers. Her Royal Highness joined volunteers and Shaping Us champion Giovanna Fletcher in putting the final touches to Sebby’s annual Christmas Grotto. The grotto provides a space where struggling families can choose gifts for their children. Finally, The Princess joined a conversation with representatives from Baby Banks across the UK to discuss the increasing demand for their services. The Centre for Early Childhood is encouraging members of the public to donate funds, products, and pre-loved items or to volunteer their time to support their local baby banks throughout December.


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– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > November 21 | State Banquet For The South Korean President
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Week In Review: November 12, 2023 – November 18, 2023

The Princess of Wales had three public engagements this week. They are highlighted below.

On November 12, 2023, The Princess of Wales participated in the annual National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, to remember and honor those who have sacrificed their lives in times of war. The presence of senior members of the Royal Family, including King Charles III, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and Prince William, adds to the occasion’s solemnity. The two-minute silence observed at 11 am is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by brave soldiers. It’s also lovely to note that the Princess of Wales wore a pin of the Fleet Air Arm, of which she was appointed Commodore-in-Chief by King Charles III.

On November 14, 2023, The Princess of Wales attended the Shaping Us National Symposium Reception at the Design Museum in London. The event brought together leaders from different disciplines, child and adult specialists, and global thinkers. The Princess also practiced her cues and speech ahead of the event.

On November 15, 2023, The Princess of Wales and The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood take the initiative to host The Shaping Us National Symposium at The Design Museum in London. The symposium brought together leaders from different disciplines, child and adult specialists, and global thinkers to discuss how we grow, think, and behave throughout life and build resilience for the future. The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood conducted a global listening exercise with experts from 21 countries to agree on key foundational skills that we lay in early childhood but continue to grow beyond to help establish happy, healthy adult lives. These social and emotional skills significantly impact our future mental and physical well-being – shaping everything from our ability to form positive relationships to our capacity for learning, working, and coping with adversity. The Symposium shared the findings from this exercise and focused on the action needed to make social and emotional skills a greater priority. The event featured keynote speeches from The Princess of Wales and Fearne Cotton and talks from thought leaders like Professor Jack Shonkoff, Sara Rajeswaran, and Professor Robert Waldinger. In the afternoon, Symposium attendees joined a series of workshops to examine what action can be taken at every level to protect and strengthen these skills for current and future generations across disciplines and sectors. The Centre’s Shaping Us campaign aims to increase awareness and action on the unique importance of early childhood in shaping our future mental and physical well-being as adults and the wider society we build.


– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > November 12 | Service Of Remembrance
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > November 14 | ‘Shaping Us’ National Symposium Reception
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Week In Review: October 29, 2023 – November 04, 2023

The Princess of Wales had two public engagements this week. They are highlighted below.

On November 01, 2023, The Princess of Wales joined a meeting of ‘Dadvengers,’ a community for Dads and their children in Arnos Grove, London, to highlight the important role that Dads play in their children’s earliest years. Her Royal Highness joined the Arnos Grove Dadvengers group at the Arnos Arms where she met a group of dads and spoke to them about the important role they play in a child’s development, and then joined the group on a ‘Dad Walk’ to the local park and heard about the support they give to one another through the Dadvengers network, helping them to look after their own well-being as well as supporting their families.

On November 02, 2023, the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay had a series of engagements in Scotland, where they met with organizations that support rural communities and work with young people to improve their mental health through better access to the outdoors and practical learning opportunities. Their first stop was at Burghead Primary School, where they visited Outfit Moray. The charity is aimed at making a positive impact on the lives of young people aged between eight and eighteen who are vulnerable or disadvantaged by actively promoting their potential through accessible and affordable outdoor learning and adventure activities. Outfit Moray runs a wide range of activities that aim to build confidence, self-esteem, and resilience, including mountain biking, paddle sports, and rock climbing, among others. The Duke and Duchess spent time with the team, learning about the outdoor activities and even participated in a mountain bike session.

The second engagement of the couple was at Brodieshill Farm, where they learned about efforts being made to support the mental health and well-being of young people. The farm is family-run and is home to the Lower Speyside Young Farmers and Farmstrong Scotland, both of which promote positive mental well-being in rural communities across Scotland and support local farmers. During their visit, the Duke and Duchess met families who attend regular sessions at the farm’s dedicated play area designed for children to explore and learn. The indoor and outdoor space is utilized by families and those based at the nearby RAF Kinloss and RAF Lossiemouth, where parents can regularly reconnect with their children.

The Duke and Duchess also went to DAY1, a charity based in the Highlands that provides mentoring, training, personal development, and employability services to vulnerable young people. The charity aims to equip the youth with the social and emotional skills needed to succeed through its mentoring and personal development programs. DAY1 owns Inverness Kart Raceway, which serves as the location for its apprenticeship scheme in Automotive Skills. The royal couple toured the site and met with young people involved in some programs. They also visited two automotive workshops where young people were being taught mechanical skills and watched a group of young people take part in a race on the track.


– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > November 01 | The Princess of Wales Joins ‘Dadvengers’
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > November 02 | The Duke And Duchess Of Rothesay Visit Scotland

Week In Review: October 15, 2023 – October 21, 2023

The Princess of Wales had one public engagements this week. It’s highlighted below.

On October 15, 2023, The Princess of Wales, Patron of the Rugby Football Union attended the England vs Fiji match at the Stade de Marseille. England beat Fiji 30-24 at Stade de Marseille to secure their spot in a Rugby World Cup semi-final, where they will play the winner of France v South Africa. Prior to and during the match Catherine could be seen laughing with Rob Bryers, President of the RFU and Sir Bill Beaumont CBE, Chairperson of World Rugby. After the winning game, The Princess of Wales congratulated the England team on their victory in the changing room.


– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > October 15 | Rugby World Cup – England v Fiji

Week In Review: October 08, 2023 – October 14, 2023

The Prince and Princess of Wales took a train trip to Birmingham on October 10, 2023, to commemorate World Mental Health Day. They chose Birmingham, which has the youngest demographic of any city in the UK, for the occasion. Their focus was on understanding emotions and building positive relationships among young people. To this end, they hosted a summit for 100 young people called “Exploring our Emotional Worlds.”

During the summit, the Prince and Princess of Wales joined young people as they participated in a series of workshops run by The Mix and National Citizen Service. The workshops were focused on emotions, relationships, and community action.

The Princess of Wales wore a pair of gold-plated star-shaped earrings gifted to her by Sarah Renton, a Maidenhead Rugby Club coach whom she met in June. The earrings were designed by Phipps’ cousin and owner of EarSass, Sophie McGown, and were named “Issy Star.” in honor of Sarah’s daughter — Isobelle Phipps, 17 — who died by suicide earlier this year. The proceeds from the jewelry purchase are donated to the mental health charity Brave Minds.

Help the Princess of Wales support Brave Minds by purchasing your earrings here.

On October 11, 2023, The Princess of Wales visited Nottingham Trent University to learn about the mental health support provided to students at the beginning of the new academic year. She had the opportunity to meet with students and colleagues who help students with their mental health at a Freshers Fayre-style exhibition, followed by participating in well-being sessions. During the sessions, The Princess discussed with three students about peer-to-peer mentoring, which is a way of supporting each other at the University. She also participated in the ‘step in circle,’ part of the University’s “Welcome Workshop,” which encourages students to share experiences to help them build confidence, proactively manage their well-being, and raise awareness of the wide range of available support networks.

Moreover, The Princess learned about how Nottingham University uses data derived from student behavior to identify those who may not be thriving. They use a dashboard to manage student engagement in courses, and when a student stops engaging, it can indicate issues with their mental well-being. The University reaches out to such students to learn about their disengagement and help them find appropriate support. The information is also given to the student to help them manage their learning and is used for personalized support and tutorial discussions with staff.

On October 12, 2023, The Prince and Princess of Wales attended a mental fitness workshop at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre. The workshop was organized by SportsAid, a charity supported by The Princess since 2013. The workshop was held in collaboration with BelievePerform. It helps young people and their families manage their mental well-being and build the skills needed for a happy and healthy life. During the visit, The Prince and Princess participated in sessions with young athletes and parents to see the support provided by SportsAid in building mental fitness. In the sessions, they also joined SportsAid ambassadors, including Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds and netball player Ama Agbeze. The couple also took part in two practical sessions with young athletes to build mental resilience, including playing a game of goalball, a visually impaired Paralympic sport.


– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > October 10 | World Mental Health Day – Factory Works
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > October 11 | World Mental Health Day – Nottingham Trent University
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > October 12 | SportsAid At Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre

Week In Review: October 01, 2023 – October 07, 2023

The Princess of Wales had three public engagements this week. They are highlighted below.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, on October 03, 2023, visited Cardiff to mark the start of the UK’s Black History Month. The visit also aimed to celebrate the work of diverse community groups in the area and to meet members of the Windrush generation. The Windrush generation were immigrants who arrived in Britain between 1948 and 1973, named after the ship HMT Empire Windrush. The government needed workers to help fill post-war labor shortages and rebuild the economy, and Caribbean countries were also struggling economically. The Windrush generation played a significant role in rebuilding the country, but in 2013, they started receiving letters claiming that they had no right to be in the UK.

During their visit, Their Royal Highnesses met members of the Windrush Cymru Elders, Black History Cymru 365, and the Ethnic Minority Youth Forum for Wales. They also visited Fitzalan High School, which serves one of Wales’s most diverse and disadvantaged communities. The school has many pupils who speak English as a second language and are direct relatives of the Windrush Cymru Elders. William and Catherine listened to a brief history lesson on life in Tiger Bay, a key area where the Windrush Generation lived, and the importance of learning about their cultural heritage.

On October 04, 2023, The Princess of Wales visited Vsi Razom (which means “all together” in Ukrainian) community hub in the Lexicon shopping center in Bracknell to hear about the work the organization is doing to support those who have arrived in the area from Ukraine as a result of the ongoing conflict. During her visit, she helped pack donations of essential items such as food and clothing with young Ukrainians who have moved to the UK in the last year, which will be sent back to Ukraine to provide aid directly to those affected by the conflict in the country. The Princess also heard about the hub’s different services from volunteers and joined an arts and crafts session with local children. The sessions allow displaced Ukrainians to find support advice, and build friendships in their local community. She also met with the hub’s psychologist, who runs weekly sessions to provide mental health support to local Ukrainians adjusting to life in the UK and spent time with the families who are being supported by the hub to hear about their experience of moving to the UK and how the hub has provided an essential lifeline for them.

The Royal couple has been actively supporting the people of Ukraine since the conflict began. They have participated in several engagements to raise awareness of the situation and the support available in the UK. In November last year, The Royal Foundation of The Prince and The Princess of Wales organized a virtual roundtable meeting to share best practices and provide advice to aid the mental health strategy of the First Lady of Ukraine, which focuses on addressing the impact of the ongoing conflict on the mental wellbeing of Ukrainians.

On October 05, 2023, The Princess of Wales visited the Hull. She is the Patron of the Rugby Football League. She attended a Rugby League Inclusivity Day hosted by the Rugby Football League, Hull FC, and the University of Hull. The event showcased the value and impact of the Disability Rugby League on its participants, their families, and local communities. It highlighted the power of sport to tackle inequalities, support, and develop individuals regardless of their circumstances and background.

During her visit, The Princess tried wheelchair rugby and joined a training session facilitated by members of the world-cup-winning England Wheelchair Rugby League squad. She also learned more about the Physical Disability Rugby League, a full-contact version of the game adapted for players with physical disabilities who want to access a running version of the sport, and the Learning Disabilities Rugby League, a non-competitive version of the sport specifically adapted for those with learning disabilities. The Princess participated in drills with PDRL and LDRL players and students from Hull FC’s Centre of Excellence.


– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > October 03 | Marking Windrush 75 In Cardiff
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > October 04 | The Princess of Wales Visits Vsi Razom Community Hub
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > October 05 | Visiting Hull For Rugby League Inclusivity Day

Week In Review: September 10, 2023 – September 16, 2023

The Princess of Wales had two public engagements this week. They are highlighted below.

On September 12, 2023 The Princess of Wales visited HMP High Down in Surrey to learn about how The Forward Trust are supporting those in the criminal justice system to manage and recover from their addictions. During her visit Catherine shadowed the experience of a family during a normal visit, starting with the security procedures visitors are required to go through. She sat down with serving prisoners to hear about the current programs provided by both the charity and the prison, and support they are receiving for their addiction. The Princess also visited The Clink, an on-site restaurant which trains prisoners in hospitality, where she met with former prisoners and Forward Trust alumni. Her Royal Highness spoke to those who have worked with and volunteered for the charity in prison and the community and learned how they have been supported to recover from and manage their addictions.

You can visit our page that highlights Catherine’s work with The Forward Trust here.

On September 14, 2023, the Prince and Princess of Wales embarked on an important visit to Hereford. Their visit aimed to support the programs backed by The Duchy of Cornwall, which Prince William inherited from King Charles when he ascended to the throne. The couple’s first stop was at Madley Primary School, where they learned about the school’s outdoor learning curriculum, Forest School. The students attend Forest School at least once a week to learn national curriculum subjects and environmental awareness, conservation, and woodland management. The Duchy of Cornwall and Madley Primary School have been partners of The Forest School initiative for twelve years, and the Duchy provided the school with a woodland site at Brampton Hill Wood to enable the Forest School to take place in Hereford. Over the years, the woodland area and the facilities available to accommodate the school’s growth have expanded.

The Prince and Princess also visited Kings Pitt Farm, where they met with Duchy of Cornwall farming tenants to discuss the We Are Farming Minds charity. This charity aims to support farmers’ mental health in rural communities throughout the country. It offers Herefordshire farmers fully funded access to various services, including counseling, a 24-hour phone and text support line, free mental health awareness workshops, and social events throughout the year to help them feel less isolated. The Duchy of Cornwall works with We Are Farming Minds to enhance its new Mental Health Strategy, which provides ongoing mental health support to all its tenants, specifically focusing on tenants in rural and more isolated communities.


– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > September 12 | Visiting HMP High Down With The Forward Trust
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > September 14 | The Wales Visit Madley Primary School’s Forest School

Week In Review: September 03, 2023 – September 09, 2023

The Princess of Wales is back from summer vacation and had two public engagements this week. They are highlighted below.

On September 08, 2023, Prince William and Catherine, the Prince and Princess of Wales, made a trip to Wales to commemorate the one-year anniversary of The Queen’s death. The royal couple visited St. Davids Cathedral in Pembrokeshire for a private service, where Princess Catherine laid flowers at a portrait of The Queen inside the Cathedral. Later, William and Catherine met with people who had the privilege of meeting Her Majesty during her 70-year reign. Other members of the public gathered to see the Prince and Princess of Wales.

After attending the service at St. Davids Cathedral The Prince and Princess visited Câr-Y-Môr Seaweed Farm, a key partner of Notpla, the sustainable packaging start-up and the winner of the prestigious 2022 Earthshot Prize for ‘Build a Waste-Free World.’ The royal couple met with the farm’s staff and volunteers to learn about their work and its positive impact on the ocean and the environment. Câr-Y-Môr Seaweed Farm is the first regenerative farm in Wales, and it supports the local community by providing jobs, seafood, and restoring and protecting the environment. Prince William even tried some of the seaweed and commented that it had a “salty” taste. You can see more of Catherine’s efforts in supporting The Earthshot Prize here. From there the couple transferred to a RNLI St Davids Lifeboat where they travelled to a new station to meet the crew and volunteers. The Queen was Patron of the RNLI from 1952 until her death last year.

On September 09, 2023, The Prince and Princess of Wales joined Princess Anne, Patron of Scottish Rugby and Mike Tindall (Princess Anne’s son-in-law), James Haskell and Alex Payne’s podcast, The Good, The Bad & The Rugby. The Princess is Patron of England Rugby and Prince William the Welsh Rugby Union. The fifty minute podcast is full of gems, like how Princess Anne accidently became the Patron of Scottish Rugby, the only time Prince William cried while watching a sport, William and Catherine’s competitiveness, and Catherine’s love of swimming. You can watch the podcast here and see Catherine’s recent efforts supporting England Rugby here.

Lastly, while we were all enjoying the podcast, Catherine travelled to France for the Rugby World Cup to watch England take on Argentina. England won and afterwards The Princess headed to the locker room to congratulate players. Prince William will head to France on September 10, 2023 in his role as Patron of Welsh Rugby to watch Wales and Fiji.


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– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > September 08 | Engagements In St Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > September 09 | The Good, The Bad & The Rugby Podcast
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > September 09 | Rugby World Cup – England v Argentina

Week In Review: July 16, 2023 – July 22, 2023

This week the Princess of Wales had two public engagements. They are highlighted below.

On July 16, 2023 The Princess of Wales attended Wimbledon with Prince William and their two eldest children.


– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > July 16 | Wimbledon – Day 14

Week In Review: July 09, 2023 – July 15, 2023

This week the Princess of Wales had two public engagements. They are highlighted below.

On July 14, 2023, the Prince and Princess of Wales visited the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) with their three children at RAF Fairford. Prince William served with the RAF’s Search and Rescue Force for over three years, based at RAF Valley in Anglesey. He is currently the Honorary Air Commodore of RAF Coningsby. Princess Catherine also holds an honorary position as Air Commodore of the Air Cadets. In 2015, Catherine took over as Patron of The Air Cadet Organization from The Duke of Edinburgh, marking her first royal role with an official link to the armed forces.

The Royal International Air Tattoo is the world’s largest military air show. The event benefits The Royal Air Force Charitable Trust, which supports the air force and engages young people in aviation. During the visit, the Princess met with cadets in the Techno Zone, which aims to inspire young people to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and math and consider careers in engineering, aviation, and aerospace. She also met with the winners of the Road to RIAT competition, which challenged students from 300 schools across the U.K. to design a sustainable aircraft for the future of the RAF.

The family also toured the C-17 Globemaster III, the aircraft that flew Queen Elizabeth’s body back to London following her death in Scotland in September 2022.

On July 15, 2023, The Princess of Wales attended Wimbledon for the Women’s Singles Final, where Czech Marketa Vondrousova took on Tunisian Ons Jabeur. Before taking her seat in the Royal Box, Catherine met with individuals who had various roles throughout Wimbledon. The princess also met representatives from the British Army, London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade and Metropolitan Police. Following the match, she presented the trophy to Markéta Vondroušová. Catherine also met with Ons Jabeur, and a sweet moment occurred when they shared a hug. Jabeur talked about the moment during her press conference. “She didn’t know if she wants to give me a hug or not. I told her hugs are always welcome from me. That was a very nice moment and she’s always nice to me.”


– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > JJuly 14 | The Wales Family Visits Air Tattoo At RAF Fairford
– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > July 15 | Wimbledon – Day 13

Week In Review: July 02, 2023 – July 08, 2023

This week the Princess of Wales had three public engagements. They are highlighted below.

On July 04, 2023, the Princess of Wales attended Day 2 of Wimbledon. It was a joyous occasion as Catherine has been the Patron of the All England Lawn Tennis Club since 2016. As soon as she arrived, she immediately spoke with the ball boys, girls, and volunteers, showing her appreciation for their hard work. Catherine then visited Court 18 to watch Katie Boulter take on Australia’s Daria Saville. Afterward, Catherine moved to the Royal Box, where she was joined by the recently retired tennis great Roger Federer and his wife to watch Elena Rybakina take on Shelby Rogers. Lastly, Catherine enjoyed watching Andy Murray and Ryan Peniston play. It was truly an unforgettable day for all the tennis fans in attendance.

On July 04, 2023, some amazing photos were released to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NHS. The Prince and Princess of Wales surprised NHS staff and patients from across the UK with a very special NHS Big Tea party. They even arrived early to help lay the tables and put the finishing touches on a beautiful birthday cake. The event actually took place in May, and it was truly wonderful. It’s heartwarming to see how much care and support the royal couple has for the NHS. They have been Patrons of the NHS since 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the event, The Prince and Princess had the chance to meet with guests, discuss current challenges, and personally thank staff for the amazing work they continue to do. It’s fantastic to see such a powerful and influential couple showing their support for the NHS and recognizing the invaluable contributions of the staff. You can view our page highlighting Catherine’s work with the charity here.

On July 05, 2023, The Prince and Princess of Wales, who are known as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland, joined The King and Queen in Scotland for the National Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication To The Coronation Of King Charles III And Queen Camilla at St Giles’ Cathedral. It was a grand event filled with pomp and circumstance, including gun salutes, processions, and a flypast by the Red Arrows. King Charles was presented with the Honours of Scotland, considered the Scottish Crown Jewels: the Crown, the Sceptre, and the new Elizabeth Sword.

On July 06, 2023, The Princess of Wales was in attendance to cheer on Prince William during the Out-Sourcing Inc. Royal Charity Polo Cup. The event supported eleven of the Prince and Princess of Wales’s charities, including SHOUT, Wales Air Ambulance, Centrepoint, The Passage, Mountain Rescue England & Wales, Foundling Museum, Forward Trust, East Anglia Children’s Hospices, Baby Basics, Little Village, and AberNecessities. It was reported that over £1 million was raised for the charities. The competition was fierce, but Prince William’s team ultimately emerged victorious, and The Princess was there to present the trophies. It was truly a remarkable day for a great cause!


01. Catherine’s brother James and his wife Alizée are expecting their first child at the end of this year. They shared the news on Instagram, James Middleton wrote: “It was a very difficult start to the year after losing my beloved Ella however we will end the year with the most precious little addition to our growing family.” Congratulations!


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– Engagements & Tour Photos > 2023 > July 05 | National Service Of Thanksgiving And Dedication
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